The Brigades of Antietam

Many of you are familiar with my Maps of Gettysburg book. It has received positive reviews since it was published in 2002. It is a monster, weighing in at almost 700 pages. It took me quite awhile to write but it was among my best efforts.

Now that I am a licensed guide at the Antietam National Military Park, I decided to work on a companion volume. I quickly realized that my colleagues at the park– fellow guides and rangers– could use their wealth of knowledge to assist in creating a fantastic book. I am now the editor (and will pen probably a third of the entries) and over 20 others are contributing.  It is an exciting effort that will add to our overall knowledge of this great battle.

Stay tuned!img_5477


2 thoughts on “The Brigades of Antietam

  1. Dear Sir:
    When will the maps of the Cavalry book be available, and also the book on the brigades at Antietam?
    Darryl Grove

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