The Maps of the Wilderness

My fifth map book is finally out:  The Maps of the Wilderness.  It follows in the footsteps of the Maps of First Bull Run, Maps of Antietam, Maps of Gettysburg, and Maps of Bristoe Station/Mine Run.

This one runs 324 pages and contains 24 maps sets with 120 original full-page color maps.   The book begins with the armies in winter quarters.  This section covers the changes in the armies, particularly the arrival of U.S. Grant.    The action really begins on May 2, when Grant finalizes his plans for the Army of the Potomac.

The action covers the movement of the Union army through the Wilderness and Lee’s response, leading to the early encounter on May 5.  The fighting along the Orange Turnpike and the Orange Plank Road is covered in detail.

Then I cover the actions, or inactions, of the Confederates during the night of May 5-6.  The latter opens with a massive attack along the Plank Road and this is detailed in many maps, as is the arrival of Longstreet’s First Corps, its flank attack, and the final attacks on the Union works along Brock Road.

John Gordon’s flank attack is also covered in some detail as it had so much potential and created so much havoc.

A number of cavalry actions are also covered in this volume.  The book ends with the armies moving toward Spotsylvania Court House on May 7.

I believe that the book turned out quite well.  In future posts I will detail specific sections of the book.