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  1. 1/4/16
    I am trying to find the burial place for my grate, grate grand farther that died of his words in the civil war. His name was William Edwin Dunn, a private in the Confederate army. The details we have he died on 8/15/1864 in a military hospital from wounds received at Vicksburg. His regiment was 21 George infantry, Company C. I hope you could lead in direction to finding where he is buried.
    Thanks for all your help. Best Regards Dan Dunn 19240 S.E Heuke Road Damascus, Oregon 97089 503-658-4299

  2. Brad, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m the former director of North Montco who developed the Biotech program in the 1990s. I remember that you wrote some books about the civil war. I researched your work since I recently discovered that my Great Grandfather was involved in the battle of Gettysburg and wilderness battles. His name was John Kelley from Company A of the Connecticut 14th Infantry. He was promoted to Captain after Gettysburg and fought a total of 32 battles. My wife and I visited the farm he received from the government for his service.

    I found a book that was written by his commanding officer that details the 14th experiences in the war (History of the 14th, Charles Page) but I’d like to learn more about the Wilderness battles. I plan to take a look at your work on this subject.

    I hope all is well with you. I retired back in 2008 and am now involved in starting a winery in northern Pa. Mike Erwin

    • Wow! What a pleasant surprise, Mike. Yes, I certainly remember you. Glad to hear you are retired and doing well. I will take the plunge in June. You will enjoy Page’s book– as I recall, it is full of wonderful illustrations and it is one of the better regimentals. Please send me an email (– I can get you a copy of my Wilderness book at my cost, if you would like.

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