About my books

I have posted information about each of my books, under each tab, including when and why I wrote it, what’s in it, and how I feel about it.

My writing has evolved through the years. I first concentrated on the battle of Gettysburg, but along the way, I wrote two unit histories, before returning to Gettysburg. Why Gettysburg? Easy– why write about topics that no one wants to read about. All one needs to do is head over to Gettysburg to see that people are really interested in the battle.

I strayed from Gettysburg books after I finished my “Maps of Gettysburg” book. I realized that the approach was unique and truly helped readers gain a much better understanding of the battle. Therefore, I made a vow that I would complete a book on every campaign in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War. After Gettysburg, I took on First Bull Run, thinking that I would “run the table,” but decided to instead bounce around. So, after finishing the Bull Run book I worked on the Antietam Campaign, and then the Bristoe Station/Mine Run Campaigns. All of these were ready in time for their 150th anniversaries and this is why I took on the Wilderness Campaign. Unfortunately, it will come out after the anniversary. I am now preparing a map book on the Fredericksburg Campaign. I figure that I have about eight more books to go.

Here is the order of my books:
– Tour Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg
– Stopping Pickett: The History of the Philadelphia Brigade
– Roads to Gettysburg
– Brigades of Gettysburg
– Artillery of Gettysburg
– Kearny’s Own: The History of the First New Jersey Brigade
– Maps of Gettysburg
– Maps of First Bull Run
– Maps of Antietam
– Maps of Bristoe Station/Mine Run
– Maps of the Wilderness
– Maps of the Fredericksburg Campaign
– Hell Comes to Southern Maryland: The Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp for Confederates

– The Maps of the Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign

4 thoughts on “About my books

    • Yes, it is coming. The Maps of Second Bull Run should be off to my publisher next month and I am about 25 maps into the Maps of the Peninsula/Seven Days. I have paused in taking on the Maps of the Chancellorsville Campaign because Chris Bryan has found a trove of letters about the campaign that will be printed in the next couple of years.

  1. Great to know… I have Gettysburg, Antietam & Fredericksburg, but with the 160th of Chancellorsville this week, I’d hoped to find this one to take on my walk this weekend. I now live in Fxburg, so I can go anytime.

    Guess I’ll go with Wilderness since 159th is this weekend. I’ve walked Fredericksburg (live on Lee’s Hill) and Spotsy CH, and although I’ve been to both Chancellorsville and Wilderness, I’ve never walked them.

    • Unfortunately, I have not tackled Chancellorsville yet. Issues with the NPS about using their bound volumes of primary sources and a soon to be published work on letters pertaining to the campaign. Spotsylvania just came out, though.

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