Maps of First Bull Run

Maps of First Bull RunAbout the book:

Published in 2009 by Savas Beatie

Contains 51 full-color maps and accompanying text

Runs 135 pages, including index, order of battle, endnotes and references.

The hardback/color version of the book is out of print and I doubt whether it will be reprinted.

I have several copies that I am selling for $50.00

The background story:

After completing my “Maps of Gettysburg,” decided to begin a quest to map every major campaign in the Eastern Theater.  So, what would be after Gettysburg?  First Bull Run, of course.  Like the other books I wrote in this series, I thought I had a good knowledge of the battle, but it has been enriched by my research.

I wish the book had been longer, but I didn’t want to milk the topic.  I could tell the story in 51 maps and that’s just what I did.

One of my biggest surprises was that readers don’t really care that much about this campaign.  It has always been one of my favorites.  I love to walk the battlefield.  It is so small that it is fairly easy to learn the nuisances that are more difficult in larger battlefields.

After completing the book, I decided to not progress in chronological order.

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