Update on projects

Thanks, Don Hallstrom, for suggesting an update on my projects.

1- Brigades of Antietam: All but four of the entries (there are well over a hundred) have been penned and edited. Putting on the finishing touches as the authors proof (again) their entries and I get the maps, bibliography, notes, and index in order. I am still shooting for a publication date sometime in June.

2- Lee Invades the North: A Comparison of Robert E. Lee’s Maryland and Pennsylvania Campaigns: Is also finished and I am finishing the proofing, creating maps, and creating the end materials.

3- Maps of Shiloh: I continue working with Sean Chick on this volume. We are making good progress.

No further word on the Lincoln book– is supposed to be out by June, but is still being proofed. As soon as I get through #1 or #2, I will return to the Maps of Second Bull Run Campaign. I have been told that proofing of the Maps of Spotsylvania Through Cold Harbor will begin soon.