Books for Sale

All of my books are for sale at a discount.  I will be posting more information about this shortly.

2 thoughts on “Books for Sale

  1. Brad,

    Hope this finds you i good health and enjoying life! You were my instructor when I was working at Pax River, MD and audited one or two of your classes. It was a true honor to have met you and received the knowledge that you have on the Civil War first-hand. I currently have in my library 13 of your books, most if not all signed by you. To that end, I am missing “Stopping Pickett” and “Lee Invades the North”. I sincerely desire to acquire these books from you especially if they are available in hard back but, the content always overrides that and is the most important aspect. I have no qualms in regard to paying the shipping cost as well. I am currently enjoying retirement in Delaware. Please let me know the best way to proceed on this.

    Very best regards,
    Bill Kelly

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