Cavalry Book Will Be Available Soon

I’m pleased to announce that my newest addition to the Civil War map series will be out this March (or April).  My Maps of Gettysburg volume, the first in the series also remains the largest. I was unable to add a number of maps and the greatest shortcoming was the cavalry actions.  My new book corrects this oversight.  The Maps of the Cavalry at Gettysburg will contain almost 90 full-color pages of maps– many pages have two maps, so the number is probably closer to 130.

The book begins with the savage fight at Brandy Station and covers the fight for the Blue Ridge Mountain passes, how each cavalry arm got to Gettysburg (including the fights at Westminister, Hanover, and Hunterstown), the action at Gettysburg (north and south fields), and the role of cavalry in Lee’s retreat/pursuit.

I am very happy with the book and hope you will too.