Cavalry Book Will Be Available Soon

I’m pleased to announce that my newest addition to the Civil War map series will be out this March (or April).  My Maps of Gettysburg volume, the first in the series also remains the largest. I was unable to add a number of maps and the greatest shortcoming was the cavalry actions.  My new book corrects this oversight.  The Maps of the Cavalry at Gettysburg will contain almost 90 full-color pages of maps– many pages have two maps, so the number is probably closer to 130.

The book begins with the savage fight at Brandy Station and covers the fight for the Blue Ridge Mountain passes, how each cavalry arm got to Gettysburg (including the fights at Westminister, Hanover, and Hunterstown), the action at Gettysburg (north and south fields), and the role of cavalry in Lee’s retreat/pursuit.

I am very happy with the book and hope you will too.


6 thoughts on “Cavalry Book Will Be Available Soon

  1. Hello Mr. Gottfried
    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this volume in your Maps series with Savas Beatie. I believe you are currently wrapping up the Petersburg Campaign? I also seem to think that you were working on Spotysylvania/Cold Harbor and may have finished that? Do you have a subject for the next book in this series?
    Myself and many members of the roundtable I belong to enjoy the series very much.
    Best Regards
    Don Hallstrom

    • Great to hear from you, Don. Both of us are anxiously awaiting the book’s release. I know if it coming, but not sure Amazon’s presumed date (the end of this month is correct). You are correct– I have completed the Spotsylvania through Cold Harbor map book, but that won’t see the light of day as a print book for at least a year. I am about 2/3 of the way through the Petersburg through Appomattox volume, but stopped to take a breather and work on other projects. I am wrapping up “Lee Invades the North: A Comparison of Lee’s two invasions” and “The Brigades of Antietam book.

      Not sure about my next map-set volume. Am considering the Seven Days, Second Bull Run , or Chancellorsville as the next project. Any suggestions?

      Not sure if I have ever spoken to your Round Table. Would like to do so when this crazy virus is under control!

  2. Hello Mr. Gottfried
    I think any of those would be great. If I had a preference, I would like to see Second Bull Run.

    Don Hallstrom

  3. Mr. Gottfried,

    I think a book on the Seven Days is sorely needed, and might dovetail nicely with your recent work on Cold Harbor in the Overland Campaign volume.

    2nd Manassas and Chancellorsville are both sorely needed as well. You can’t go wrong really, tho I think the Seven Days would be most interesting. Arguably Lee and Stonewall’s greatest missed opportunity of the entire war.

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