Kearny’s Own

img015About the book:

Published by Rutgers University Press in 2005, this book tells the story of the First New Jersey Brigade (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 15th, and 23rd New Jersey).  It runs 301 pages and recounts the activities of the distinguished VI Corps brigade.  It has a number of great photos and maps.  Lists for $36.99.  It is difficult to find a new copy as I bought up the entire stock from Rutgers.  I am selling the book for $15.

The background story:

When I moved to northwest New Jersey to become the President of Sussex County Community College, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to tell the brigade’s history.  Many of the men hailed from this part of the state and there is even a large monument to them in Newton’s square.

There is a wealth of material on this unit and Joe Bilby, a New Jersey scholar was quick to provide me with a ton of first and secondary sources.  I really enjoyed writing the book and learned so much by doing it.

My disappointment was with the publisher, which did virtually no marketing of the book.  They did, however, do a good editing job, and the book is certainly one that I am proud of.

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