Brigades of Antietam now available!

I am pleased to announce that the Brigades of Antietam is now available! It is the companion to my Brigades of Gettysburg and is just as big– actually bigger as it is a larger format.

Like the Gettysburg volume, it covers all of the infantry brigades that fought at Antietam, but it has some important differences. First, it includes the cavalry and second, it covers the entire companion, from the time the armies leave their jumping off sites, through the preliminary battles (e.g., Harpers Ferry and South Mountain) and concludes with the battle of Shepherdstown (for those units that fought there). Like the Gettysburg volume, it includes tons of first-hand accounts, information on the regiments and the brigade commanders.

I go smart on this one– rather than penning all of the entries myself, I called upon a group of experts (almost 20) to contribute entries. This includes Antietam Certified Guides, Rangers, and long-term volunteers who have a passion for the campaign and it allowed them to share their knowledge of units dear to them.

There will be a subsequent volume: The Artillery of Antietam, authored by Jim Rosebrock, that will complement the Brigades book. That volume will be published in 2022.

The book was published by the Antietam Institute, a new non-profit that promotes the Antietam/Maryland Campaign. It is also publishing a journal twice a year, and hosts an annual fall conference and a spring symposium.

I encourage all of you to consider joining this worthy organization that promotes the study and better understanding of this seminal campaign. Best of all, members either get the book/journal for free, or at a reduced price, depending on the level of membership.

Check out the Institute’s website: for additional information.