Brigades of Gettysburg


About the book:

Hardback Edition:  

– Published in 2002

– Da Capo Press

– Pages: 697

– Maps/Illustrations: 19

– My price: $45.00

Paperback Edition:

– Published in 2012

– Skyhorse Publishing

– Pages: 697

– Maps/Illustrations: 19

– My price: $12.99

The background story:

When I hold this book, I am still surprised that I wrote it.  It was a big undertaking– highlighting the activities of every infantry brigade, almost a hundred, from June 28 until it left the battlefield.  It was published in 2002 by Da Capo.  It was actually first under contract with Combined Books, but when the company was sold, it became the property of Da Capo.

Some have asked how I was able to not get discouraged by such a large undertaking.  That was not difficult– it was one step at a time– one brigade at a time.  I never looked forward and never looked back.  With the completion of every unit’s history, I would go on to the next.

This book took a lot of research and I spent countless hours at the U. S. Army’s History Institute at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  I would be there when the doors opened and stayed until they kicked me out at closing time.  I brought a small copier with me and I would leave with a large pile of papers.  I now have a file cabinet full of materials.

Like most of my books, I refer to it often– it is a good resource.

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