The Maps of the Spotsylvania Through Cold Harbor Campaign is Now Available!

It’s been awhile, but the book has finally been printed. I took time away from the project to work on other books and I am already surprised by how many folks are interested in this topic. Savas Beatie has over 160 orders that I am filling. Wow!

This is the largest book (after the Maps of Gettysburg), weighing in at almost 140 map sets.

This was not an easy book to write as so many battles occurred during this period. Even Spotsylvania was subdivided into the major fights at Laurel Hill and the Mule Shoe, and lesser fights at Po River, and Myer’s Hill. Also included are several cavalry fights, including Sheridan’s Richmond Raid that included Yellow Tavern, and later Haw’s Shop. After the armies left Spotsylvania, they clashed at the North Anna River and Bethesda Church. The final action includes Cold Harbor.

I am selling this book (autographed and signed) for $35.00 plus $5.00 for shipping. I will even throw in a copy of Lee Comes to Gettysburg: The Story of the Creation of the Soldiers National Cemetery for an extra $10.

If interested, send me an email (