Lee Invades the North: A Comparison of the Antietam and Gettysburg Campaigns

When people ask me what I did during the worst of the pandemic, I tell them that I worked on two projects: The Brigades of Antietam, which was published last September and the Lee Invades the North book, which just came out this week.

It came out better than expected. It weighs in at 494 pages and is filled with 35 maps and 23 comparison tables. Here is the description on the back of the book’s dust jacket:

The two major battles (e.g., Antietam and Gettysburg) that ended Lee’s invasion of the North are among the most studied conflicts in the American Civil War. However, no full-book treatment comparing the two campaigns have been published—this volume attempts to rectify that deficiency.

You will find reviews and comparisons of all aspects of the two campaigns, including:

  • The military and political environment at the beginning of each campaign
  • Why Lee undertook the invasions
  • The armies and their leaders
  • The condition of the armies
  • Military intelligence
  • Getting to the battlefield
  • Battles along the way
  • Battlefield terrain
  • Initial encounters
  • The three phases of battle in each campaign
  • The armies and their commanders-in-chiefs
  • Post-campaign events
  • Final thoughts

This book is written for all readers. Anyone who is not familiar with the campaigns might wish to read the entire volume; those with greater knowledge will benefit by concentrating on the comparison sections.

Lee Invades the North is illustrated with 35 maps and 23 comparison tables that illustrate the similarities and differences of the two campaigns.

The book is now available for sale. There are two versions. The hardback format retails for $39.99, but I am selling it to those who frequent this site for $35 and that includes postage. The paperback version retails for $29.99 and I am selling it for $25.00 and that includes postage. I can do Paypal (bradgottfried@yahoo.com). If interested, send me an email.

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