Many Projects

The combination of retirement and the pandemic has given me lots of time for research and writing. This is an update. I am hoping to post more regularly. I am learning so many neat things that I would like to pass along.

Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg: The Story of the Formation of the Soldiers National Cemetery and its Consecration: This book will be part of the Emerging Civil War Series and is in galley proof and ready to go. I hope it will be published before the upcoming summer.

Maps of Spotsylvania Through Cold Harbor: The manuscript has been finished for awhile. It is now out for review and I hope to get it to Ted Savas before the spring. The editorial process takes awhile, so it won’t be out until 2022 at the earliest. Seems so far away…

Maps of Petersburg/Appomattox: The manuscript is about 2/3rds of the way finished. It is bloody total-war and some of the engagements, like the Crater, are very difficult to comprehend.

Maps of Second Bull Run: I decided to take a break from Petersburg and have hopped onto Second Bull Run. Many have asked me about working on that project and I aim to please. I have finished 40 map-text sets, and have just about completed the battle of First Bristoe Station. I found the battle of Cedar Mountain to be especially fascinating.

Brigades of Antietam: I’ve already mentioned how a number of fellow Antietam Battlefield Guides are collaborating on this project. I am editing the project. It is almost done and I hope it will be published before the summer.

Lee Invades the North: A Comparison of the Two Confederate Invasions of the North: This book is also finished and is being reviewed by a couple of great historians. Some really interesting similarities and a like number of differences.

Hope I will keep all of you busy reading at least some of these books in the future!

2 thoughts on “Many Projects

  1. Hello Mr. Gottfried
    When you have time can you supply and update on all your writing projects.

    Don Hallstrom

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