Maps of Fredericksburg

My sixth book in the mapping series has been published!  The Maps of Fredericksburg could be my best work yet, but then I say that about all of my books when they first appear.

This volume is about the same length of most of the others– about 125 full-color maps with accompanying text.  The publisher has actually lowered the retail price from $39.95 to $37.95.  You can get it cheaper from Amazon.  I can also sell you a personally inscribed copy at a lower price than retail.  Just email me:

Like all of the campaign studies I’ve completed, I learned so much.  What stands out about this campaign is:

  • Burnside’s reluctance to assume command of the Army of the Potomac
  • The problems with securing enough pontoon boats to bridge the Rappahannock River
  • Burnside’s muddled plans to attack Lee on the heights behind and below Fredericksburg
  • The utter senseless destruction of Fredericksburg by the Union artillery and infantry
  • How close Meade and Gibbon’s divisions came to successfully piercing the Confederate line
  • How 21 Union brigades could be thrown against Marye’s Heights in succession

I am finishing up the Maps of the Cavalry at Gettysburg and the Maps of Spotsylvania (including North Anna and Cold Harbor).  More on these in future posts.  The next new map project will be the Maps of the Petersburg/Appomattox Campaign.  Oh, and I am working with Sean Chick on a Maps of the Shiloh Campaign.  He is doing the text and I am completing the maps.

Stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “Maps of Fredericksburg

  1. Hello Mr. Gottfried
    I met you at our Rocky Mountain Civil War Symposium at the Community College of Aurora in Colorado a number of years ago.
    I recently wrote a small article for our newsletter on the series. We don’t have many bibliophiles in the round table, but I continue to give them information about your book and other recent publications.

    I’ve really enjoyed your series and it looks like you are planning on continuing. Based on what this post mentioned, it sounds to me the following eastern theater campaigns are left:
    Second Manassas
    Seven Days
    1862 Valley Campaign
    1864 Valley Campaign

    If you would like at sometime in the future to send some of my copies to have you inscribe them for me. I could send them in a sturdy box and have you sign them, put them back in the box and seal it. I would of course send return postage. The worst part is going to the post office.

    I will plan on getting your future release directly from you if that continues to be possible.
    Best Regards
    Don Hallstrom

    • Good to hear from you, Don. Wow, that speech was a long time ago. I am pleased that you still remember it and me. Unfortunately, the list is a bit longer than what you have listed: The Maps of the Cavalry During the Gettysburg Campaign will be out within the year and the Spotsylvania/N. Anna/Cold Harbor book is completed and is under review. I am now hard at work on the Petersburg/Appomattox Campaign volume. Yes, that will leave me with the campaigns you listed. It will be a long slog, but I hope to finish the series.

      Yes, I would be delighted to sign the books (or I could send a book plate). My address is: PO Box 494, Fairfield, PA 17320.

      Thank you for your support!


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