Books from my library for sale

I am culling my library of books that I don’t really use that much.  It’s a long list.  There is a number in parentheses at the end of each title– that is simply my shorthand to know what box it is in.

I want to find good homes for them.  No prices are included– make me an offer (

General Civil War Titles:

Abbott, John.  The History of the Civil War in America.  Two volumes (1863, 1866).  Henry Bill.  507 pp.  Poor condition (23)

Abbott, John.  Civil War in America.  Two volume set.  Published in 1865.  Spines split…poor condition. (10)

Abdell, George.  Civil War Railroads.  Bonanza Books (XCMLXI).  192 pp.  No dust jacket.  Contains stamped name of former owner.  Some discoloration. (15)

Angle, Paul, and Earl Miers.  Tragic Years: A Documentary History of the American Civil War.  Simon and Shuster, 1960.  First Printing.  Two volumes—boxed set.  Some wear to spine, but otherwise in good condition. (12)

Bacon, Benjamin.  Sinews of War (Technology).  Presidio Press, 1997.  246 pp.  D.J.  Like new.  (20)

Battlefields of the South.  From Time Life Series.  Leather.  1984, 517 pp.  Ex Library with some paint splatters on plastic cover protector. (10)

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War—Four Volumes.  Large format.  The Century Company, 1888.  Ex- Library, but nothing on spine or no pocket—just some markings on first several pages.   (40)

Bedwell, Randall.  Brink of Destruction.  Cumberland House, 1999.  240 pp.  P.B. (22)

Brother Against Brother.  Time Life Books.  1990.  Fair (5)

Catton, Bruce.  Reflections on the Civil War.  Promontory Press, 1981.  246 pp.  Promontory Press.   Binding starting to break, good otherwise.  D.J. (4)

The Century War Book.  Arno Press, 1978.  324 pp.  Large format with over 800 illustrations.  D.J. fair condition (5)

Commager, Henry Steele.  The Blue and The Gray.   Two Volumes.  Bobbs- Merrill, 1950, 1201 pp.  Some rubbing on spine.  (40)

Coyle, Harold.  Look Away (Novel).  Simon and Schuster, 1995.  No D.J.  (5)

Davis, Burke.  The Civil War—Strange and Fascinating Facts.  Fairfax Press, 1982.  249 pp.  D.J. (22)

Dunson, Joseph.  Army Generals and Reconstruction—Louisiana 1862- 1877.  LSU Press, 1982.  294 pp.  P.B. (20)

Garrison, Webb.  Civil War Curiosities.  Rutledge Hill, 1994.  281 pp.  p.b.  Some wear.  (22)

Garrison, Webb.  More Civil War Curiosities.  Rutledge Hill, 1995.  256 pp.  Some wear to d.j.  (22) Garrison, Webb.  Civil War Schemes and Plots.  Gramercy, 1997. 224 pp.  Dust Jacket Like new (12)

Garrison, Webb.  Friendly Fire in the Civil War.  Rutledge Press.  1999.  229 pp.  P.B.  Some wear on cover (20)

Garrison, Webb.  Civil War Hostages.  White Mane, 2000.  287 pp.  D. J.  Minor rubbing on spine (20)

Eicher, David J.  The Longest Night.  Touchstone Books, 2001.  990 pp.  Paperback.  Good condition (1)

Eicher, John and David Eicher.  Civil War High Commands.  Stanford U. Press, 2001.  1009 pp.  D.J.  Good condition, but has “discarded” stamped on inside of front cover. (2)

Evans, Charles.  War of the Aeronauts—A History of Ballooning during the Civil War.  Stackpole, 2002.  358 pp.  FIRST EDITION.  Like new. (11)

Jensen, Oliver.  Bruce Catton’s America.  American Heritage, 1979.  D.J. Fair condition.  Some tearing (5)

Keller, S. Roger.  Events of the Civil War in Washington County, Maryland.  Burd Street Press, 1995.  412 pp.  Dust jacket.  Fair condition (4)

Kelly, C. B.  Best Little Oddities and Mysteries of the Civil War.  Cumberland House, 2000.  416 pp.  p.b. (20)

Linden, Glenn.  Voices from the Reconstruction Years- 1865- 1877.  Harcourt Brace.  1999.  329 pp.  P.B. Like New (6)

McCutcheon, Marc.  Everyday Life in the 1800’s.  Writer’s Digest Books, 1993.  308 pp.  p.b. (22)

McKay, Robert.  The Uncivil War—Irregular Warfield in the Upper South, 1861-1865.  University of Oklahoma Press, 2004.  288 pp. D.J. Like New. (40)   Mapp, Alf.  Frock Coats and Epaulets.  Madison Books, 1982.  501 pp.  Paperback.  Good shape. (10)

Masur, Louis.  The Real War Will Never Get Into Books.  Oxford U. Press, 1993.  D.J. (3)

Mitchell, Reid, The Vacant Chair—The Northern Soldiers Leave Home.  Oxford U. Press, 1993.  201 pp.  D.J. (22)

Nofi, Albert.  The Civil War Notebook.  Da Capo Press, 1993.    158 pp.  P.B.  (40)

Phillips, Charles and Alan Axelrod.  Portraits of the Civil War.  Metrobooks, 1993.  153 pp.  Large format.  D.J., Like new. (8)

Pollard, Edward.  The Third Year of the War.  Charles Richardson Press, 1865.  391 pp.  Spine split, binding in overall poor condition. (10)

Soldier Life in the Union and Confederate Armies (Contains two books:  Hardtack and Coffee by John Billings and Detailed Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia by Carlton McCarthy).  Fawcett Publications, 1961.  400 pp.  Paperback.  Yellowing (41)

Stern, Philip Van Doren.  An End to Valor—The Last Days of the Civil War.  Bonanza Press, 1958.  418 pp.  Spine broken, no d.j. (40)

The Civil War Book of Lists.  Combined Books, 1994.  240 pp.  p.b. (22)

Thomson, Brian.  Commanding Voices of Blue and Gray.  Forge Press, 2001.  381 pp.  FIRST EDITION.  Good condition. (4)

Toplin, Robert.  Ken’s Burns’s The Civil War.  Oxford U. Press, 1996. 197 pp.  Dust jacket.  Good condition. (10)

Under Both Flags.   National Book Concern, 1896.  592 pp.  Both covers detached.  Overall in poor condition, but is in readable condition. (10)

Vanhole, Michael.  Everyday Life During the Civil War.  Writer’s Digest Books, 1999.  274 pp.  P.B. (23)

Wagner, Arthur.  Organization and Tactics.  Hudson-Kimberley, 1894.  551 pp.  Some loose pages and fraying of spine.  (21)

Ward, Geoffrey, Ric Burns, and Ken Burns.  The Civil War.  Knopf, 1990.  425 pp.  D.J.  Large format.  Good condition (5)

Wiley, Bell Irvin.  Common Soldier in the Civil War.  Grosset & Dunlap, 1952.  Two books in one– 454 and 444 pp.  D.J. in poor condition; otherwise fair condition for book (2)

Willett, Robert .  One Day of the Civil War:  April 10, 1863.  Brassey, 1997.  317 pp. Like New  (12)

Civil War Biography/Autobiography-  General

Anderson, Nancy Scott and Dwight Anderson.  The Generals (U.S. Grant and R. E. Lee).  Vintage Books, 1987, 629 pp. Paperback (41)

Dupuy, Trevor.  The Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography.  Castle Books, 1995.  843 pps.  Good condition (1)

Chadwick, Bruce.  Two American Presidents.  Burch Lane Press.  1999.  490 pp.  Dust jack with some tears and remainder mark (1)

Fuller, J. F. C. Grant and Lee.  Indiana University Press, 1957.  323 Ex. Library Book.  D.J. Fair (8)

Perry, Mark.  Conceived in Liberty—Joshua Chamberlain and William Oates.  Viking Press, 1997, 500 pp.  D.J.  Very good condition (5)

Ritter, Charles and John Wakelyn.  Leaders of the American Civil War.  Greenwood Press, 1998.  465 pp.  Ex. Library.  (6)

Waugh, John.  The Class of 1846.  Warner Books, 1994.  635 pp.  D.J.  Like New (8)

Civil War Biography/Autobiography- Confederate

Alexander, Bevin.  Lost Victories—The Military Genius of Stonewall Jackson.  Blue and Gray Press, 1996.  350 pp.  D. J. with crease and small chairs (6)

Blakey, Arch.  General John H. Winder, CSA.  University of Florida Press, 1990.  D.J. (3)

Cisco, Walter.  Taking a Stand—Portraits from the South Carolina Secession Movement.  White Mane Publishing Co., 1998.  141 pp.  Good condition

Dyer, John.  From Shiloh to San Juan (Joseph Wheeler, CSA).  Louisiana State U. Press.  Revised edition, 1961.  No d.j. (3)

Evans, Eli.  Judah Benjamin.  The Free Press.  1988.  Paperback.  Fair (1)

Fishwick, Marshall.  Lee After the War.  Dodd, Mead and Co., 1963.  242 pp.  d.j. with some tears (8)

Govan, Gilbert and James Livingwood.  A Different Valor (Joseph Johnston).  Bobbs-Merrill, 1956, 470 pp.  Bookclub edition; D.J. SIGNED BY AUTHORS.  (6)

Govan, Gilbert and James Livingwood.  A Different Valor (Joseph Johnston).  Smithmark.  1995.  470 pp.  Good condition. (1)

Henderson, G. F. R.  Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil War.  Longmans, Green & Com.  1899, 641 and 550.  Two volumes with pull out maps.  Water stains on spine.  Good for its age (7)

Holzman, Robert.  Adapt or Perish—The Life of Gen. Roger A. Pryor, CSA.  Archon Books, 1976.  SIGNED (2)

Horn, Stanley.  Robert E. Lee Reader.  Smithmark, 1995.  542 pp.  D.J. Like New (7)

Jones, Rev. J. William.  Personal Reminisces of Robert E. Lee.  LSU Press, 1994.  509 pp. P.B.  Good (7)

Lee, Fitzhugh.  General Lee.  Da Capo Press, 1994.  433 pp.  p.b.  Slight tear on back cover and some marring on the top of some pages (8)

Longstreet, James.  From Manassas to Appomattox.  Blue and Grey Press.  No date.  690 pp.  No dust jacket.  Fair condition. (1)

McCash, William B.  Thomas R.R. Cobb—The Making of a Southern Nationalist.  Mercer U. Press.  1983.  356 pp.  Good condition (1)

Nolan, Alan.  Lee Considered.  University of North Carolina Press, 1991.  D. J. Good (3)

Patterson, Gerald.  Rebels from West Point.  Doubleday, 1987.  194 pp.  Some discoloration on d.j.  (8)

Phillips, David.  Tiger John—The Rebel Who Burned Chambersburg.  GMP Press, 1993.  400 pp. D. J., Good condition.  SIGNED BY AUTHOR.  (6)

Thomas, Emory.  Bold Dragon—The Life of J.E.B. Stuart.  Harper and Row, 1986.  354 pp.  FIRST EDITION.  Good condition. (4)

Sauers, Wendy.  Lee and His Generals—The Ultimate Trivia Book.  Burd Street Press, 2000.  111pp.  PB.  Like New (6)

Williams, Harry. T. P. G. T. Beauregard—Napoleon in Gray.  LSU Press, 1975.  345 pp.  D. J. Fair (6)

Wills, Brian Steel.  A Battle from the Start—The Life of Nathan Forrest.  Harper Perennial, 1993.  457 pp.  p.b.  (8)

Wyeth, John.  That Devil Forrest.  Harpers and Brothers, 1959.  614 pp.  Some tears and discoloration on d.j.  Fair condition (8)

Civil War Biography/Autobiography- Union

Anders, Curt.  Henry Halleck’s War.  Guild Press, 2000.  738 pp.  Dust jacket.  Like new (12)

Arner, Frederick.  Red Tape and Pigeon Hole Armies—Andrew Humphreys and the Army of the Potomac.  Rockbridge Publishing, Co., 1999.  378 pp.  D.J.  Like new (23)

Crary, Catherine.  Dear Belle—The Story of Tully McCrea.  Wesleyan U. Press, 1965.  256 pp.  Ex. Library with typical markings and pockets.  (2)

Humphreys, Henry H.  Andrew Atkinson Humphreys—A Biography.  Ron Van Sickle Books, 1988, 335 pp.  D. J. (41)

Howard, Oliver.  The Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard.  The Archive Society, 2 vol. New in plastic (3)

Hunt, Roger and Jack Brown.  Brevet Brigadier Generals in Blue.  Olde Soldier Books, 1990.  700 pps.  No dust jacket.  Good condition. (15)

Jellison, Charles.  Fessenden of Maine.  Syracuse U. Press, 1962.  294 pp.  Small tears on dust jacket and some wear.  Fair condition. (10)

McDonnell, William F.  Remember Reno—A Biography of Maj. Gen. Jesse Reno.  White Mane, 1996.  113 pp.  Dust Jacket.  Some small tears on dust jacket. (15)

McFeely, William.  Grant—A Biography.  W.W. Norton, 1981.  592 pp.  D.J. (21)

Schurtz, Wallace, and Walter Trenerry.  Abandoned by Lincoln:  A Military Biography of Gen. John Pope.  University of Illinois Press, 1990.  243 pp.  Dust jacket.  Like new (12)

Sears, Stephen.  The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan.  Tichnor and Field, 1989.  651 pp.  D. J. Some discoloration (7)

Tucker, Glenn.  Hancock the Superb.  Morningside Press, 1960.  368 pp.  No D.J.  (21)

Walker, Francis.  General Hancock.  D. Appleton & Co., 1894.  Spine ripped and taped on spine.  Fair condition.  (2)

Walker, Francis.  General Hancock.   Olde Soldier Books, 1987.  332 pp.  no d.j. very good (8)

Wistar, Isaac.  Autobiography of Isaac Jones Wistar.  Harper & Brothers, 1937.  529 pp.  Fold out map included (2)

Woodward, W. E.  Meet General Grant.  Liveright Publishing, 1965.  524 pp.  Has remaindered mark.  D.J. has small tears. (20)

Civil War Campaigns/Battles/Actions- Eastern Theatre

Beatie, R. H.  Road to Manassas.  Cooper Square, 1961.  285 pages.  No d.j. (41)

Brown, Andrew.  Geology and the Gettysburg Campaign.  Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Resources, 1973.  15 pp.  P.B.  Wear on cover (23)

Catton, Bruce.  A Stillness at Appomattox.  Doubleday, 1953.  D.J. with some tears repaired with tape (3)

Catton, Bruce.  Grant Moves South.  Little Brown, 1960.  564 pp. Paperback.  Good condition. (10)

Chamberlain, Joshua.  The Passing of Armies.  Bantam Books, 1993.  338 pp.  P.B. (22)

Chancellorsville Map—McElfresh Map Co. (1)

Clark, Camp.  Decoying the Yanks—Jackson’s Valley Campaign.  Time Life Books, 1984.  (2)

Coyle, Harold.  Alternate Gettysburg.  Berkley Press, 2002.  342 pp. (2)

Furguson, Ernest.  Chancellorsville, 1863.  Vintage Books, 1992.  405 pp. P.B. (2)

Gallagher, Gary.  The Third Day at Gettysburg.   U. of North Carolina Press, 1994.  217 pp.  No d.j.  Good (3)

Gettysburg Magazine, Volume 34. (5)

Gettysburg Complier—125th Commemorative Edition of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 – 1988.  Gettysburg, 1988.  78 pp  Some wear. (15)

Gingrich, Newt, and Wm. Forstchen.  Gettysburg—A Navel.  St. Martin’s Press.  2003, 463 pp.  D. J. (41)

Kegel, James.  North with Lee and Jackson.  Stackpole Books, 1996, 459 pp.  D. J.  Like New FIRST EDITION  (8)

McLaughlin, Jack.  The Long Encampment (Gettysburg).  Bonanza Books, MCMLXIII, 244 pp.  D. J. has some pieces missing.  Fair.  (8)

Martin, David.  The Chancellorsville Campaign.  Combined Books, 1991.  176 pp.  P.B. (23)

Murfin, James.  The Gleam of Bayonets.  LSU Press, 1965; 451 pp.; Paperback.  Okay condition. (11)

Persico, Joseph.  My Enemy, My Brother—Men and Days of Gettysburg.  Viking Press, 1977.  252 pp.  Dust jacket.  Some discoloration (15)

Priest, John.  Antietam—The Soldiers’ Battle.  Oxford U. Press, 1980.  394 pp.  P.B.  SIGNED (2)

Rhea, Gordon.  The Battle of the Wilderness.  LSU Press, 1994.  512 pp.  Former owners sticker on book, otherwise in good shape. (15)

Schildt, John, ed.  Eyewitness to Gettysburg.  White Mane, 1997.  131 pp.  Good condition. (41)

Schultz, Duane.  The Most Glorious Fourth—Vicksburg and Gettysburg.  Norton, 2001, 447 pp.  D. J.  Some wear (41)

Sears, Stephen.  Chancellorsville.  Houghton Mifflin, 1996.  593 pp.  D.J. Very good condition (5)

Stackpole, Edward.  They Met at Gettysburg.  Bonanza Press, MCMLVI.  342 pp.  No D.J.  Ex-Library.  Some soiling (41)

Stackpole, Edward.  The Fredericksburg Campaign.  Bonanza Books, MCMLVII.  297 pp.  D. J. fair; some browning of pages.  (6)

Tsouras, Peter.  Gettysburg: An Alternate History.  Greenhill Books, 1997.  320 pp.  D. J. Like new (6)

Tucker, Glenn.  High Tide at Gettysburg.  Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1958.  D.J. Fair condition. 462 pp.  (2)

Tucker, Glenn.  High Tide at Gettysburg.  Morningside Press, 1973.  462 pp.  no d.j. (2)

Turning Point of the Civil War.  Time Life Books, 1998.  353 pp.  D.J. (22)

U.S. Park Service.  Final General Management Plan & Environmental Impact Statement.  Vol. 1—Gettysburg National Military Park.  June, 1999.  441 pp.  p.b. (21)

Vandiver, Frank E.  Jubal’s Raid.  Olde Soldier Books, 1988.  188 pp. (7)

Wheeler, Richard.  A Rising Thunder:  From Lincoln’s Election to the Battle of Bull Run—An Eyewitness History.  Harper Collins, 1994.  413 pp.  D. J.  Remainder Strip (7)   Wheeler, Richard.  The Sword Over Richmond (Seven Days).  Harper Perennial, 1991.  371 pp.  p.b. (8)

Wheeler, Richard.  Lee’s Terrible Swift Sword.  Harpers Collins.  1992.  430 pp.  Paperback. (1)

Wheeler, Richard.  Witness to Gettysburg.   Harpers Collins.  1987.  273 pp.  Paperback (40)

Young, Ford.  The Third Day at Gettysburg.  Americana Studies, 1981.  364 pp.  SIGNED (22)

Civil War Campaigns/Battles/Actions- Other

Bradley, Mark.  Last Stand in the Carolinas—The Battle of Bentonville.  Savas Woodbury, 1996.  575 pp.  D.J.  (21)

Bradley, Mark.  This Astounding Close—The Road to Bennett Place.  University of North Carolina Press.  Book Club Edition.  404 pp. (4)

Cannan, John.  The Atlanta Campaign.  Combined Books, 1991.  176 pp.  P.B. (23)

Cohan, Stan and James Bogle.  The General & the Texas—A Pictorial History of the Andrews Raid, April 12, 1862.  Pictorial Histories Publishing, 1999. 154 pp.  P.B. (22)

Cozzens, Peter.  The Darkest Days of the War (Iuka and Corinth).  U. of North Carolina Press.  1997.  D. J. Good (3)

Garrison, Webb.  Strange Battles of the Civil War.  Cumberland House, 2001.  310 pp.  P.B. (22)

Groom, Winston.  Shrouds of Glory—Atlanta to Nashville.  Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995.  308 pp.  Some mars to d.j. and remainder mark (4)

Leckie, Robert.  The Wars of America.  Harper & Row, 1981.  D.J. (2)

Longacre, Edward.  Mounted Raids of the Civil War.  Bison Press, 1994.  348 pp.  P.B. (22)

McPherson, James M. and Richard Gottlieb, Battle Chronicles of the Civil War (six volumes).  Gray Castle Press, 1989.  Each volume runs about 180 pages and there is a volume for each year of the war and a sixth on leaders and index

Page, Dave.  Ships Versus Shore.  Rutledge Hill Press.  1994.  410 pp.  Good condition (1)

Schultz, Duane.  The Dahlgren Affair—Terror and Conspiracy in the Civil War.  Norton, 1998.  298 pp. First Edition.  (22)

Steele, Matthew.  American Campaigns.  Two Volumes.  Vol. 1 = Text; Vol. 2 = Maps.  U.S. Infantry Association, 1935.  Fair condition (2)

Sword, Wiley.  Mountains Touched with Fire (Chattanooga).  St. Martin’s Press, 1995.  FIRST EDITION.  Like new (3)

Tucker, Glenn.  Chickamauga.  Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1961.  448 pp.  D.J. faded and some tears.  FIRST EDITION (4)

Walker, Gary.  The War in Southwest Virginia.  A.&W. Enterprises, 1985.  170 pp.  SIGNED.  D.J. (21)

Winik, Jay, April 1865.  HarperCollins, 2001.  461 pp. FIRST EDITION  D.J. (21)

Confederate Histories and Memoirs

Bullock, James.  The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe.  Modern Library, 2001.  627 pp.  Spine rubbed.  (22)

Chapman, Craig, More Terrible Than Victory—North Carolina’s Bloody Bethel Regiment—Brassey’s, 1998.  359 pp.  D.J.  Very Good (7)

Cooke, John Esten.  Surry of Eagle’s Nest.  G. W. Dillingham Co., 1966.  484 pp.  Binding weak.  (23)

Cutchings, Col. John.  A Famous Command—The Richmond Light Infantry Blues.  Garrett & Massie, 1934.  399 pp.  Tears on d.j. (21)

Davis, Jefferson.  The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government.  Thomas Yoseloff, 1958.  Two Volume Set.   Ex Lib. (15)

Henry, Robert.  The Story of the Confederacy.  Grossett and Dunlap, 1936.  514 pp.  No d.j.  Stained front cover.  (8)

Long, A. L. Memoirs of Robert E. Lee.  Blue and Grey Press, 1983.  705 pp.  No dust jacket.  Good condition. (10)

Manigault, Edward, The Journal of a Confederate Artilleryman in the Defense of Charleston.  U. of South Carolina Press, 1986.  364 pp.  Faded spine on d.j. (4) Myers, Frank.  The Comanches (35th Virginia Cavalry; The Laurel Brigade).  Continental Book Company, 1956.  400pp.  No dust jacket (21)

Stevenson, William.  Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army.  A. S. Barnes, 1959.  160 pp.  D. J. (23)

Stiles, Robert.  Four Years Under Marse Robert.  Neale Publishing, 1903.  Spine broken, cover in rough shape, but pages okay (5)

Taylor, Richard.  Destruction and Reconstruction.  Longmans, Green, and Co., 1955.  380 pp.  D.J.  Some spotting.  Fair (2)

Taylor, Richard.  Destruction and Reconstruction.  Time Life Collector’s History of the Civil War.  1982.  No d.j.  (3)

Watkins, Sam.  Co. Aytch.  Morningside Books, 1992.  246 pp.  No d.j.  (21)

Wiggins, Sarah.  The Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878.  University of Alabama Press, 1995.  305 pp.  D.J.  (21)

Woodward, C. Vann.  Mary Chestnut’s Civil War.  Yale University Press, 1981.  886.  Dust jacket with some tears.  Ripped page in front of book.   (22)

Confederate- Other

Atlas to Accompany Confederate Military History.  Thomas Yoseloff, 1962.  67 Maps, P.B.  (23)

Brookshire, William and David Snider.  Glory at a Gallop (Tales of the Confederate Cavalry).  Brassey’s, 1993, 259 pp. PB (41)

Eicher, David.  Dixie Betrayed.  Little Brown, 2006.  338 pp.  Dust jacket.  Like new. (12)

Davis, William and James Robertson, ed.  Virginia at War, 1862.  University of Kentucky, 2007.   243 pp.  D.J. with some small tears.  Book club edition (6)   Harwell, Richard.  The Confederate Reader.  Blue and Grey Press, 1958.  389 pp.   D.J. (6)

Heidler, David.  Pulling the Temple Down.  Stackpole Press, 1994.  262 pp.  FIRST EDITION (4)

Hendrick, Burton.  Statesman of the Lost Cause.  Literary Guide of America, 1939.  452.  No D.J.  Soiled cover/spine.  (20)

Jacobs, Lee.  The Gray Riders—Stories From the Confederate Cavalry.    Burd Street Press, 1999.  187 pp.  p.b. (21)

Johnston, Mary.  The Long Roll.  Houghton Mifflin, 1911.  683 pp.  Rubbing and binding weak.  (22)

Johnston, Mary.  Cease Firing.  Houghton Mifflin, 1912.  457 pp.  Rubbing and binding weak. (22)

Jones, Virgil Carrington.  Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders.  Prothonary Press, 1995. 431 pp.  Good condition (4)

Levine, Bruce.  Confederate Emancipation.  0xford University Press, 2006.  252 pp.  D.J.  Like New (6)   McMurray, Richard.  Two Great Rebel Armies.  U. of North Carolina Press, 1989, 204 pp.  p.b. (23)

Massey, Mary.  Ersatz in the Confederacy.  U. of South Carolina Press, 1993.  233 pp.  P.B.  Some discoloration on edge of pages (20)

Maurice, Frederick.  Robert E Lee the Soldier.  Bonanza Books, MCMXXV.  313 pp.  Some small tears in dust jacket, otherwise in good shape. (10)

Horn, Stanley.  The Army of Tennessee.  Bobbs Merill.  1941.  Ex-library and binding is very weak. (1)

Myers, Robert.  Children of Pride.  Popular Library, 1992.  Boxed set of three paperback books.  Some idiot ripped off the front cover of each book and the box in falling apart.  Otherwise in good reading condition. (10)

O’Grady, Kelly.  Clear the Confederate Way—The Irish in the Army of Northern Virginia.  Savas, 2000.  348 pp.  D.J.  Like New (7)

Page, Thomas Nelson.  Two Little Confederates.  Charles Scribner’s.  1932.  191 pp.  Ex. Library and puckering on back cover (1)

Pollard, E. A. Southern History of the Civil War.  Blue and Gray Press, no date.  4 volumes.  PB (7)

Pollard, E. A. Southern History of the Civil War.  Fairfax Press, 1977.  598 pp.  No D.J. One volume.  Some wear on binding.  Fair. (7)

Rable, George C.  The Confederate Republic.  University of N.C. Press, 1994.  416 pp.  D.J. Fair/good (6)

Radley, Kenneth.  Rebel Watchdog.  (The Confederate Army’s Provost Guard) LSU Press, 1889.  340 pp.  PB (41)

Rhea, Gordon.  Carrying the Flag.  Basic Books, 2004.  279 pp.  D. J. (21)

Richardson, James.  Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.  U. S. Publishing Comp.  1904.  Binding is weak. (1)

Richardson, James.  Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.  The Archive Society.  Two volumes.  New condition (4)

Sears, Stephen.  Lee’s Lieutenants.  One volume abridged edition.  Scribner, 1998.  901 pp.  D.J. (23)

Snow, William, Lee & His Generals.  Gramercy Books, 1996. 500 pp.  Good condition.(10)

Towbridge, J. T.  The South—A Tour of its Battlefields.  L. Stebbins, 1866.  Ex. Library (7)

Wise, Stephen.  Lifeline of the Confederacy.  U. of South Carolina Press, 1988.  403 pp.  DJ. has small tears (4)

Wright, John H.  Compendium of the Confederacy.  Broadfoot Press.  2 Volumes.  Still in plastic (5)


Coggins, Jack.  Arms and Equipment of the Civil War.  Doubleday (no date).  160 pp.  First Edition.  Dust jacket with some small tears.   Fair (12)

Edwards, William.  Civil War Guns.  Stackpole, 1962.  444 pp. Dust Jacket.  Some discoloration on pages.  Spine broken in half.  Poor (12)

Illustrated Works/Books about the written word

Angle, Paul.  A Pictorial History of the Civil War Years.  Doubleday, 1980.  D.J. with some tears. (3)

Bassham, Ben.  Conrad Wise Chapman—Artist and Soldier of the Confederacy.  Kent State University Press, 1998.  328 pp., D. J.  Like New (8)

Harris, Brayton.  Blue and Gray in Black and White (The Civil War in Newspapers).  Brassey’s, 2000.  365 pp.  PB.  Okay shape (12)

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